Turkey Cutlets a la Pat

This could be a tasty turkey cutlet recipe if you can find the right combination of spices to make up the “meat herb blend.” It’s a rather ambiguous notation, probably a reference to something Gram had in her spice rack. Perhaps you could herbes de Province or just a variety of meat herbs you personally enjoy.

Sauterne is a cooking wine that is potentially sweet and dry, made from a variety of grapes used to produce white wine. A Charles Shaw sauvingnon blanc is a good substitute if you can’t or don’t want to track down sauterne.

This entree would be nice with some rosemary red potatoes and brocollini.

Turkey Cutlets a la Pat

6 turkey cutlets. Melt a large tbsp of butter in a Corningwear casserole (2 or 3 qt) & add 2 thin slices of bacon, torn up. Dredge cutlets in flour. Brown in fat, adding salt, freshly ground black pepper, & about 1/4 tsp meat herb blend. Turn off fire and add 1/2 c ketchup and 1/2 cup +/- oz Sauterne. Put cover on & cook at 275 oven an hour or more.

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