Cinnamon Apples

Let’s move onto something a bit more bearable, shall we? I like cinnamon apples. My mother in law makes some with diet Coke and something else, they are really yummy. This recipe does not sound remotely like a diet dish, which the diet Coke one is, and it also sounds like it may be more spicy being as it uses those red cinnamon candies. When I was growing up we had the sweetest dog named Lucy. She ate everything. Except, once I gave her a few red hots and she snapped them right up, and then spit them right out. :-) I don’t recognize this handwriting as Gram’s. Also, it seems as though Gram wrote in after the fact 1/2 # for the amount of red cinnamon candies, but that seems like an awful lot!

Cinnamon Apples

2 cups sugar }

1/2 c water }               Combine

1 c red cinnamon candies }

4 apples (will do more)

Pare and core firm apples. Boil apples in syrup.

4 thoughts on “Cinnamon Apples

  1. Lucy was no ones fool when it came to stuff she didn’t like. And that was not a lot. She was the best dog. She could jump up and see into the pan on the stove. She looked like a yo-yo doing it. Spring board legs on that one.


  2. Ah, I remember Lucy. She was the best dog. I am wondering if the notation for the candies as supposed to be 1/2 the amount listed so only a 1/4 cup. I am not a fan of those cinnamon red hots so I’d be leary of a 1/2 pound. Maybe it’s actually a note that both the water and candies are 1/2 cup. that might be the case since the original writing covers 2 lines…but what’s that other little one doing sneaking in? Errant mark on the page?


  3. Diane I think it really calls for 1 cup of the red hots, yikes! Maybe her note really does indicate to halve the amount and use 1/2 cup. Seems with a cup of sugar the whole sauce should be sweeter rather than so strong. I may try this soon just to know.


  4. The writing on this recipe looks like MY grandmother’s – Grandma Sternberg (Alice). Perhaps one cup of red hots was 1 pound, and 1/2 pound would be the 1/2 cup you want. They are pretty dense you know.


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