Cocoa-nut Ice Tablet

This recipe is for a coconut candy that appears to be quite easy. Of course, I have no idea what quantity of coconut you would need, but might it be fun to get a coconut and grate it just to find out? It’s a rather labor intensive process, even if it is pretty easy. I … Continue reading

Peanut Brittle

I gave up on candy making a while back, but this looks like a candy I could make because the recipe is so simple.You could also make this with almonds or even macadamia nuts. Yum!

Pulled Mints

This sounds like a labor intensive treat, similar to my Mom’s comment the other day on Molasses Taffy. The kids would probably be given a hunk to pull between them. Here’s what she said about taffy: As I recall it needs to be poured onto a marble (or something) slab, then stirred around for a … Continue reading