Overnight Salad #2

Here’s another recipe for an overnight salad. I assume these are overnight salads because they taste better if the ingredients sit together and chill in the refrigerator for a while. Royal Anne cherries are a sweet variety of cherries, generally used to make maraschino cherries (which I love). The most common brand I have found … Continue reading

Frozen Fruit Salad

Here’s another sweet salad that seems more like a dessert to me. My mother wrote out this recipe, and I think I can remember eating it as a kid. I believe she would freeze the smaller containers and bring them out for various occasions.  While I don’t have any distinct memories of liking or disliking … Continue reading

Overnight Salad

This recipe for an Overnight Salad really reminds me of what we called Ambrosia. I think my sister got sick after eating it – coincidentally – and so we didn’t have it again. So this overnight salad seems to me like something for a potluck. Double cream isn’t something as readily available to us these … Continue reading