Mock Drumsticks

I can remember as a teen, wanting a hotdog but we only had ground beef, so I formed a hotdog shape of hamburger, cooked it and at it in a hotdog bun. It fell apart but it tasted good. This particular recipe reminded me of that funny experience because it calls for the cook to … Continue reading

Baked Hamburg & Rice

Here’s a funny little bit of history for you. Supposedly, in Hamburg Germany, ground round was being used to create a Hamburg Steak, or Hamburger Steak, a form of meat dish possibly originating as early as the 1860s. In America we often think of it as a Salisbury Steak, topped with mushroom gravy or other … Continue reading

Boscov’s Meat Loaf

This recipe for meat loaf is attributed to Boscov’s, which is a department store in the Ohio-Pennsylvania-New Jersey area. Founded in 1914 by Samuel Solomon Boscov, it is still in operation and is one of the last family-owned department stores that helped create the American department store landscape in the 20th century. In the 1980s, Boscov’s … Continue reading

Curried Hamburger & Kidney Beans

The saying goes that the more stained the recipe, the more it was used, although in my house it also has some correlation to how much my daughter wanted to “help” me cook. :-) This little recipe note has at least two different spills on it, so it’s possible that Gram made it a few … Continue reading

Hamburg Sauce for 2# Meat

This sauce is like a barbecue sauce and would definitely be good on hamburger or any other sort of beef I think. Even though it doesn’t say what to do with all the ingredients, my instinct is that you would combine all and simmer for a bit, or you would add directly to your two … Continue reading