Hamburger Pie

This reminds me a teeny tiny bit of shepherd’s pie, although that is made with mashed potatoes. Maybe more like a pot pie? It sounds like a straight up comfort food and also sounds pretty easy.

Turkey Cutlets a la Pat…and Me

I thought I’d give the turkey cutlets recipe a try, and of course I didn’t make it exactly the way it was written. I didn’t have an hour or more to bake it, so I determined to make it stove top. I found some really nice turkey cutlets at our local Sprouts market the other … Continue reading

My tamale pie

Well, I just can’t leave anything alone can I? After the comment from foolery the other day linking to two other tamale pie recipes, and the comment from GrammA that it sounded rather bland, I got to thinking how the tamale pie could be made a little more “my style.” That of course involves lots … Continue reading

Stayabed Stew

I have a similar recipe that can be cooked in the crock pot. Clearly the concept of slow cooking is not new, and even more, I love the thought of putting the food in to cook and forgetting about it for a while.

Ham Loaf

I did not grow up in the midwest or east, so this was a relatively new thing for me a few years back when I went to visit family in Ohio. Apparently it’s a recipe my mom eschewed as well, because we certainly had access to ham here, heh. Ham loaf is along the lines … Continue reading