Mary’s Nut Rolls

  A slip of paper about the size of a bookmarker serves as the medium for this recipe for nut rolls. I am guessing that once you make the dough, you roll it in some way, maybe like a cinnamon roll? The “can” of milk here refers to condensed milk. I also notice there aren’t … Continue reading

Maryland Cream Waffles

So this recipe for Maryland Cream Waffles dates back to at least the 1940s, possibly earlier. All the reviews I have read about them indicate they are to die for and are far superior to other waffle recipes. I like to eat waffles but I am pretty bad at making them. I always seem to … Continue reading

Whole Wheat Hot Cakes

It’s Sunday morning and I am enjoying my coffee, my little girl is next to me coloring and life is good. If you haven’t had breakfast already, you might want to try these Whole Wheat Hot Cakes from the Bingham Collection. They sound wholesome and delicious. Whole Wheat Hot Cakes (Bingham Collection) 1 3/4 c … Continue reading