Mary’s Nut Rolls

Nov 18 Nov 21


A slip of paper about the size of a bookmarker serves as the medium for this recipe for nut rolls. I am guessing that once you make the dough, you roll it in some way, maybe like a cinnamon roll? The “can” of milk here refers to condensed milk. I also notice there aren’t any actual nuts specified in the recipe. I have another card that says “for nut rolls” at the end of this post. Check it out, it appears to be for the same rolls, just with more ingredients.

Mary’s Nut Rolls

8 heaping cups flour

1 lb oleo

2 cups sugar

8 eggs

1/2 teas vanilla

2 cans milk

2 cakes yeast – big one

Make egg wash for top of rolls, 2 eggs and 1/2 can milk


45 minutes to 50 minutes

20 min top

20 min bottom

Mary Levikis [??]

Check after 20 minutes to transfer and put egg wash on again to transfer bottom

Nov 19

One thought on “Mary’s Nut Rolls

  1. I am mystified by the lack of nuts of nuts in a nut roll. Perhaps it’s supposed to be like a mock apple pie with Ritz crackers. Either that or the second recipe is correct. I’m thinking that once you’ve eaten one of Mary’s Nut Rolls, it is so obvious what you do and how you do it that there was not need for further elaboration and that the 2nd recipe (with nuts) was written in exasperation to give to the neighborhood dunderhead who couldn’t figure out what to do with nuts to make nut rolls, but never made it out of the recipe box. That’s just my theory of course and perhaps I’ve been spending too much time discussing Nancy Drew mysteries with my 8 yr old.


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