On the home stretch…

My dear, patient readers and friends,

Last year I asked for your patience as I went on hiatus for some home construction. You can look at the post previous to this one to see where we were at that time – concrete floors, framed walls, no insulation.

Here we are today

Although it has taken longer than predicted – what major construction project ever finishes early? – we are finally on the home stretch! What does this mean?

Lots of cooking & baking!

Lots of scanning of recipes!

Lots of blogging!

I do need to ask for your continued patience though. When we packed our entire house last October, we thought this project would be finished in March. April outside. As we are now well into June, you can imagine how eager we are for this to be completed. BUT, once it is, there will be the task of bringing our stuff back out of storage and putting it away. I imagine this to be akin to getting a filling without novacaine. Since we weren’t moving, I don’t know that we packed as well as if we were. Plus, our stuff has been in storage for 8 months. Who knows where anything is!!

I sat with a friend tonight though and we talked about her mother’s recipe cards, and I was so excited about them, let me reassure you that as soon as I possibly can, I will be bringing you vintage recipe cards, ephemera and commentary, recipe reviews and as much great content as I can!

Until then, I hope you are cooking, baking, and enjoying life!

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