Chow Chow #3

Chow Chow 3 Chow Chow 3 Back

Our third and final (for now) recipe for Chow Chow. This one calls for tomatoes, onions, celery, mango peppers (aka bell peppers), cabbage and cauliflower. I’m guessing either this person had a prodigious back garden, or she just loved to can. It may have been “the thing” she was known for, or her family relied on her for sandwich spreads, pickles and relish, etc.

Note the items to be added to a pickling bag – celery seed, mustard seed & turmeric. You don’t want these to remain in the chow chow once it’s made so after pickling, remove the bag and discard it. The back side of the recipe is a bit confusing to me. Do we pickle the cabbage and cauliflower separately and then add to the rest of the chow chow?

Chow Chow

1 basket (1/2 bushel) green tomatoes

1/2 peck onions (6 lbs)

2 bunches celery

1 doz mangoes (bell peppers)

2 handfulls salt

1 qt vinegar

Add these in bag

1 tsp celery seeds

1 T mustard seed

2 tsp turmeric


2 quarts water

2 c sugar

Salt if needed

small head cabbage

small head cauliflower

Cook for at least 10 minutes

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