Sheppards Pie (Shepherds Pie)

Shepperds Pie Shepperds Pie Back

Here where I live, it is finally getting cold enough to make some of the wonderful comfort foods & casseroles that sustain us through the long winter (if you consider a high of 65º cold lol! We have thin skins here haha) Shepherds Pie is a favorite in my family, and I made it recently. In my opinion, you can’t have too many mashed potatoes. :-) There are many different recipes available, but for the most part, they all include a meat base with vegetables baked under a layer of mashed potatoes. I love that it’s really a one-dish meal, even though you often have to cook everything in a skillet before transferring to a casserole dish.

IMG_2965 IMG_2966

This is my Shepherds Pie, made in a deep dish pie pan. Depending on the volume of ingredients you have, you may need to make it in a 13×9 pan. The most important aspect of a successful Shepherds Pie is a really rich flavored meat base. You can accomplish that with bullion, soup, Worcestershire sauce, and the like. Use whatever veggies you like in your dish. I use a standard mixed veg.

This particular recipe doesn’t actually call for many veggies, just some mushrooms. And in all honesty, it seems a bit like a meatloaf with the mashed potato layer on top. It still sounds yummy, and really, how can you go wrong with bacon?

Sheppards Pie – 350º 25 min

1 lb ground beef

1 c mushroom soup (don’t dilute)

1 egg slightly beaten

2-3 T chopped parsley

6 pieces bacon

1/2 c shredded mild cheese

1 sm can mushrooms chopped

1/4 c chopped onions

1/4 c bread crumbs or cracker meal

salt, pepper & garlic salt to taste

2 c mashed potatoes

Mix thoroughly 1/2 c soup, beef, onions, egg, bread crumbs, parsley & seasoning. Press firmly into 9″ pie plate. Bake. Spoon off extra fat. Frost with potatoes & remaining soup, cheese. Bake 10 min more or brown in broiler. [Where does the bacon go???]

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