Choc. Frostings

Notebook 22

Choc. Frostings

I bet you thought I had forgotten all about this little site, possibly mothballed it, or otherwise lost interest. BUT, in reality, I just had to take a step back and reprioritize. I realized I was trying to keep up with four blogs, Girl Scouts, volunteering at school, work, family, etc., and something had to give. Even though this site was the one that really kicked me off into my blogging life, I felt it would be strong enough to run by itself for a while. And it has! In the almost year that I took off, there has not been a significant reduction in visitors on a daily basis. That makes me very proud! We are doing something right, friends!

This recipe comes from the red notebook I have been working through. I have about 40 more recipes scanned and I’ll be trying to post once or twice a week for you. I’m not sure why this is a plural of frosting….frostings. That doesn’t make sense to me, but it could have been just an error when it was jotted down in the book.

Choc. Frostings

1 cup sugar

1 square chocolate

1/3 c milk – part cream

1 tsp vanilla

Pinch salt


Boil 3 minutes. Take off stove and beat until thick enough to spread.

One thought on “Choc. Frostings

  1. I’ve missed your recipes! Cooked chocolate frosting always scares me–it’s either foolproof or it never works and you can’t tell by looking at them.


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