Brown Baggin’ It Food Truck

Quite some time back, I posted about a side project cooking up the sample food for a food truck project. At the time, the owner was still pulling together everything, including getting the sample dishes made and photographed for her menu. A large group of locals spent a few hours in their kitchens making up the goods, and boy do they all sound delicious! I made Tequila Shrimp Quesadillas and Tequila Corn Chowder. Other items on the menu are Pulled Pork and Coleslaw with mango bourbon BBQ sauce, whiskey sugar flank steak, and many more. I’m not the best photographer but the items I made looked really delicious!



Just this morning I learned that the project is almost ready to go live! The Brown Baggin’ It food truck will be geared toward high school and college students at lunch time, and feature low priced, nutritious foods that are the kind of things young people like to eat – burritos, pizza, tacos, etc. There will also be a night time menu geared toward adults, and that will continue to be low priced / nutritious, but also will bring in the dishes with some alcohol ingredient.

Not only will the food be a decent, viable and nutritious option for students, but it will give back 50% of the truck profits to a local charity. Who does that anymore?

The sticking point is FUNDING. Food trucks are expensive. The owner has asked that the word go out asking for backers. Any donation is wonderful! Please click through to the Indiegogo page to learn more about the goals of this business and the motivation behind it, as well as to please and pretty please make a donation to help purchase the truck. Having eaten institutional school lunches on occasion, I can attest that anything is better than what the nice lunch lady in her hairnet is going to serve (apologies to any lunch lady reading).

Brown Baggin’ It Food Truck Funding Page CLICK IT, you know you want to!

Once the truck is funded, students in the Fullerton, CA area can look forward to something better than McDonalds or Del Taco for lunch, and at food truck meet ups, grown ups in SoCal will enjoy some of the finer dishes made with spirits. Can you say strawberry mojito tacos? I sure can!

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