Frostings (white)

Notebook 16


This is another boiled icing recipe. I’m going to have to try boiled icing to find out how it performs against cold prepared icing. Also, the recipe calls for “1 sp. vanilla” but I am drawing a blank on what that could be. A sprinkle?

Frostings (white)

1 cup milk

4 T flour

Mix and bring to boil. Cook until thick – stir constantly (cool).

Cream: 1/2 c Crisco – 1/2 c Butter, pinc salt – 1 sp (?) Vanilla. Add 1/2 c white sugar to paste mixture. Beat with mixer.

3 thoughts on “Frostings (white)

  1. My thought is tsp misspelling. She forgot to cross her “T.” A teaspoon of vanilla is what I would expect for a frosting recipe.


  2. I have a similar recipe for a cupcake filling/frosting. It always strikes me a weird frosting–basically, you make old fashioned glue and then make it sweet and fluffy. It’s yummy, but strange the first couple of times you make it.


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