Neiman Marcus Cake

  There was a time when all my friends were trading around recipes for Neiman Marcus Cake, Mrs Field’s Cookies, Nordstrom’s cake, etc. Of course these all come with the basic story that someone went to the restaurant, liked the dish, asked for the recipe and was sent the recipe with the bill for some … Continue reading

Devils Food Cake

  I’m going to have to create a category just for the different Devil’s Food Cake recipes. Would this help anyone? I think I have five now and since it is popular, that number will likely grow. Here we have Devils (no apostrophe) Food Cake and it looks to be a “traditional” devil’s food, using … Continue reading

Graham Cracker Cake (Mrs Bowman)

A¬†while back I made this cake and it is delicious! It is not sweet like an iced cake, nor sweet like coffee cake. It is somewhere in between. Because the egg whites are beaten and added last the cake is airy and light of texture. Be careful to bake it long enough or the middle … Continue reading