Lemon Jelly

Until this recipe, I have never heard of intentionally putting egg shells into something intended to be eaten, especially something like this. But don’t worry, it seems the brew is strained and the shells removed! One of my favorite parts of this recipe is the direction to put a chair on the table to use it in the straining process. Just how big were the kettles Maggie was using? Also, this is for a “jelly” meaning to Americans a jello dish. You will eventually pour the cooked gelatin into a mold and chill before turning it out.

Lemon Jelly

Put into a clean saucepan 1 oz packet gelatin. Pour on to this 1 pint & 1 gill of cold water, 1/4 lb loaf sugar, 1 inch stick cinnamon, the rind of 2 lemons peeled very thinly & the juice of two, about 10 cloves, the whites & shells of 2 eggs. Put the pan on the fire & with a whisk, beat it till a stiff white froth appears. Let it boil up twice. Draw the pan to the side of the fire & allow it to stand steadily of 15 minutes. Turn a chair up on a table & tie over it a tea cloth. Place a basin in the bottom of the chair, pour some boiling water through the cloth, take it away & replace a clean basin. Then carefully pour the jelly through. If not clear during the first pouring, pass it through again & again until it is quite clear. If you are wishing to put sherry or wine to the jelly do so when the jelly is nearly cold & before putting it into your mould which must always be well-wetted. Pour the water away & shake it out.

2 thoughts on “Lemon Jelly

    • As best I can tell after doing a little research, eggshells contain collagen and can be a partial substitute for suet, so perhaps they help add to the firmness and elasticity of the jelly? Today of course Jello brand packets would preclude this requirement.


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