Rice or Semolina Pudding

You might not think you know what semolina is, but I bet you do. Once a wheat grain has been through the mill, there are essentially three parts – the bran, the germ and the center, known as the endosperm. I’ll just call it the center if that’s okay with you. When the wheat you are using is of the durum variety, this center is called semolina, and can be ground more finely into flour. When you use many varieties of wheat, this center is called farina, and in America we have the brand Cream of Wheat. Semolina and farina are used in pasta making as well. This recipe is for either rice or semolina pudding. I’m not a big fan of rice pudding myself, but it is a great gluten free dessert for those who need or want it.

Rice or Semolina Pudding

Put into a basin 2 tablespoonful of rice or semolina, well wash it, put it into a clean saucepan with plenty of water & boil it until soft. Pour the water from it, grease a pie dish. Put the rice into it & fill up the dish with milk & stir in with a fork a well beaten egg. Put in a tablespoonful sugar & a little flavouring, beat it all well to-gether in the dish. Grate a little nutmeg over the top. Place in a moderate oven & bake until firm to the touch & a nice golden brown colour.

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