Cold Dough

Once again, my lack of knowledge and experience with bread dough requires that my readers contribute to the site and tell me exactly what cold dough is used for. Rolls? Secondly “Fluffo?” That I was able to find was once a competitor to Crisco in the 1950s. It was a yellow colored shortening which claimed to fry foods to a golden yellow, and made up lighter cakes and pie crusts. Finally, you are going to use condensed milk here, or Pet Milk.

My assumption is that you would combine all and let it rise in the refrigerator, then either make rolls or put into a bread pan and bake. Bread afficianados, please chime in!

Cold Dough

8 cups flour

1 1/2 lbs Fluffo

1/2 can milk

1/2 cake yeast (big one)

2 tablespoons sugar

3/4 teas salt

1/2 pt sour cream

6 egg yolds

Bake 350 10-12 min

5 thoughts on “Cold Dough

  1. This is from my friend Cat: I make a kind of cold dough from time to time. I let it rise in the fridge, then break off chunks as needed to make whatever. Mine doesn’t have any eggs in it, and it lasts about a week


  2. Fluffo? Well, you may bright about it being shortening. But 1-1/2 lbs,, that’s 3 cups of shortening! It seems like a lot even for 8 cups flour. Maybe the shortening had a lot of air infused into it to fluff it up, therefore more Fluffo, but less fat. My friend Fanny F. doesn’t have that high a percentage of shortening in any of its breads.


  3. When I was going through my grandma’s handwritten recipes, I came across a couple that called for Fluffo. I initially assumed it was marshmallow creme and thought nothing of it. Later, when I was retyping them, I read the rest of the ingredients (including apples) and thought, “Ick. That can’t be right.” I was shocked to learn it was shortening!


  4. 1 1/2 Tablespoons Fluffo which is a buttery solid shortening. You could use solid Butter-flavored Crisco instead. Made by the same company.


  5. I agree that it looks like recipes for what are sometimes called refrigerator rolls. Surely she meant tablespoons (tlbs) of fluffo, not pounds (lbs).
    The canned milk, however, is probably evaporated milk (great in breads and rolls) and not condensed milk (which is heavily sweetened).


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