Poppy Seed Roll

Here’s a yellowed with age recipe card that has clearly been used numerous times. As I scanned it, that wrinkled part in the top right corner broke off in my hand! Such is the case with old recipes, so I am glad I have this scanned and preserved for everyone to enjoy. There were a … Continue reading

Rye Bread

  I often think that the more worn a recipe is, the more beloved it was. This well used note with the rye bread recipe appears to have been a note between friends, as it includes some words of advice on the method and “good luck” at the end! Rye Bread Place in a bowl … Continue reading

Cottage Bread

I have to admit it. I haven’t tried making anything with yeast yet. I suppose I should ask my mother to teach me how, I just have never gotten around to it. But, I have a distinct memory of the smell of bread baking one time when Gram came to stay with us. It is … Continue reading

Pepper Cheese Bread

Oh boy does this sound good! Although, knowing me, I’d make it with red peppers because they are a little sweeter than the green. Or a combination. Or if you don’t like peppers you could make it with onion, or nothing at all, just the cheese. Mmm, do what you like, that’s what I always … Continue reading

Cold Dough

Once again, my lack of knowledge and experience with bread dough requires that my readers contribute to the site and tell me exactly what cold dough is used for. Rolls? Secondly “Fluffo?” That I was able to find was once a competitor to Crisco in the 1950s. It was a yellow colored shortening which claimed … Continue reading