Boston Fudge Cake (Mrs. Edwards)

There appear to be a large variety of recipes on the internet for Boston Fudge Cake. Some are very modern and do not use sour milk, some use sour cream, some use buttermilk. From what I can tell, a fudge cake is going to be more like a brownie, more dense than a standard chocolate … Continue reading

Pineapple Pound Cake

Another pineapple dish, although this one for some reason sounds like it would be pretty good. With so much butter, milk and eggs, this will be a very rich dessert. It seems like the type of cake you might find at a cocktail party sliced into 1/2″ wedges. This is also another one of the … Continue reading

Browny-Cake Topping

How to make your cake more decadent in two simple steps! This would take the place of icing on a cake. My go-to cake flavor for this topping would be chocolate (Oscar’s would be divine!), but a white cake would also be really delicious with this topping as well. Browny-Cake Topping (Bingham Collection) 1 c … Continue reading

Upside Down Prune Cake

While at first I thought, “oh boy, a fiber rich cake to be served right after dinner!” after thinking about prunes and the fact that before they became the go-to fiber source, they were just another fruit available and readily grown in orchards everywhere. Prunes are a variant of plums, and taste almost the same. … Continue reading

Spice Cake

Here’s a nice recipe for a spice cake. I bet it’s good, and another non-chocolate alternative. If you remember from an earlier post, Mrs Fish was Gram’s mother’s good friend, and Gram sometimes called her Auntie Fish. My guess for this recipe is to cream the butter and sugar, add the rest, bake in a … Continue reading