Please vote for me!

Wow, I am incredibly honored to have been nominated as one of 14 other cooking and baking blogs in Orange County (California) in the 2nd Annual You’ve Just Been Spotted Orange County Blog Awards!! In my mind, it’s an honor to be listed on their site, but to have been nominated – no, I did not nominate myself – by one of my readers as being among the best blogs in Orange County, well that is something I never thought would happen.

Friends and relatives, here is where you come in: VOTE for me!!!  Please follow the link above and click through their site (big capital letters that say HERE throughout their page), scroll down to Cooking & Baking Blogs, then click the radial button next to Gram’s Recipe Box. You can submit your vote after giving me the love, OR you can spend some time exploring the other blogs in the other categories and maybe voting for one of those. You do not have to live in Orange County to vote, so vote early, vote often, and tell your friends!

Thank you everyone! I am really enjoying this ride and I hope you are too.

5 thoughts on “Please vote for me!

  1. Congratulations on being nominated. Of course I will vote for you. You have certainly turned out to be more of a cook than I would have imagined years ago, although you were very creative – which really shows now.


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