Meat Loaf

There are surely thousands of recipes for meat loaf, from the most basic off the side of the oatmeal box to elaborate stuffed and gravied creations. My friend Diane B once wrote a funny article about her “man loaf” recipe for a meat loaf stuffed with an Italian sausage, served with a side of cardiac … Continue reading

Boscov’s Meat Loaf

This recipe for meat loaf is attributed to Boscov’s, which is a department store in the Ohio-Pennsylvania-New Jersey area. Founded in 1914 by Samuel Solomon Boscov, it is still in operation and is one of the last family-owned department stores that helped create the American department store landscape in the 20th century. In the 1980s, Boscov’s … Continue reading

Meatloaf (Oatmeal box)

Hopefully this will redeem the unusual ham loaf posted the other day. Diane B had a good idea about women copying the recipe off a box of a certain product. The Lasagna recipe indicated it was from the Hunts tomato paste can, and this one comes from an oatmeal box, although the brand isn’t specified.