Black & White Pudding

This recipe calls for scalded milk. I did a little reading about scalded milk, and it’s possible that it won’t be necessary using modern milk. Scalding milk “in the old days” was the process of heating milk to about 180 to kill harmful bacteria, and to destroy the enzymes in milk that would prevent it from thickening in a recipe. According to, modern milk has been pasteurized – essentially the same process – and probably does not need to be scalded again before making this pudding – or any other heirloom recipe. You may do so if you want to.

I sort of feel like I posted this in the past, but I think I’m remembering the Chocolate Upside Down Pudding I posted in April. I’ve not made any puddings that didn’t come from the Jello box, so this is a field I need to try. I bet it’s a darn sight better than the over processed stuff we get at the grocery. You may want to top this with a dollop of whipped cream, or even reserve a dollop of the white pudding to put on top, or you could top with a raspberry, strawberry, mint sprig, etc.

Black & White Pudding

1 pt milk – scald

1 tbsp heaped cornstarch wet with a little of the milk

1/3 c sugar

3 beaten egg yolks


Cook about one minute and put in sherbet glasses

Melt 1 square bitter chocolate – add 1/3 c sugar. Beat 3 egg whites & put on top of 1st mixture

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