I always think of Christmas when I think of fudge. Maybe one Christmas, my mom made several types of fudge, and now that’s embedded in my mind as the “season” for fudge. But, who am I kidding? Every season is the season for fudge!

Fudge (Mernie)

4 cups sugar

2/3 cup Pet milk

3 squares chocolate

2/3 cup water

3 tbsp butter

Melt butter. Add sugar, then other ingredients. Boil about 5 min to soft ball. Let cool 2 hrs.

3 thoughts on “Fudge

  1. Actually I think this one was from Aunt MARNIE. During WWII when sugar was rationed Gram made desserts – of course what else! But Aunt Marnie used her ration of sugar on candy, which her family really preferred to dessert. This is why I think it was from Aunt Marnie – in Gram’s handwriting it is difficult to tell.


  2. Mom, you are right, now that I look at it closely, it is clear that it’s Marnie. Why oh why did they have such close names? :-)


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