Banana Cake

Today we have what looks like will be a very moist and sweet – but not chocolately sweet – banana cake. There has been a shift in baked goods over the years. Slowly but surely, they have become more sweet. Some desserts are so sweet they hurt your mouth all while they taste pretty good. Many sweets from around the world are not as sweet as American desserts. For example, Chinese candy isn’t really sweet-like-sugar at all, it’s more sweet flavors, like fruits. Canadian versions of American candy bars are not as sweet. Mexican versions of American sodas are not as sweet. We have a serious addiction to excessive sweetness, it seems. Just looking at some of these old recipes though, you can see that it wasn’t always that way. This one seems less about the sweet and more about the flavor. Enjoy!

Banana Cake (Lorraine H)

1 1/2 c sugar

1/2 c Crisco

2 eggs

2 bananas (sliced)

2 c flour

pinch of salt

1 tsp B.P.

1 tsp soda dissolved in 1/2 c sour milk

1 tsp vanilla

Cream sugar & butter. Add beaten eggs & bananas. Mix soda with sour milk & add to mixture. Flavor. Bake in slow oven. Will take about an hr to bake.

2 thoughts on “Banana Cake

  1. Lorraine Hedlund was my best girlfriend from about 3rd grade through graduation from high school. She learned to bake at an early age – the recipe may have been one of her mother’s. She usually put a strawberry frosting on it, but I always used plain icing. Today I would use canned cream cheese icing.


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