Pickles (sweet)

I’ve just returned from my trip to Tennessee, where all things can be found pickled. I saw in a store a jar of watermelon pickles, regular pickles, pickled okra, pickled onions, and yes some other pickled things that shall remain nameless. So I figured I would post another of the pickle recipes that Gram had.

This is not her handwriting. It is possibly the handwriting of Louise Roueche, who supplied the recipe.

Pickles (sweet) – Louise Roueche

300 small pickles

Wash and dry. Put in large crock – 2/3 cup salt. Pour boiling water to cover and let stand over night. Drain and wipe dry. Return to crock.

1/2 gal cold vinegar

4 tbsp mustard, salt & sugar

1/2 cup mixed spice *

Sit in a cool place. Weigh 3 lbs sugar. Add a handful each day for 9 days until all sugar is used.

* I am guessing this refers to pickling spices. In my research I found that the usual ingredients are cinnamon, mustard seed, peppercorn, cloves, allspice, dill seeds, mace, bay leaves and ginger. These can be placed into a cheesecloth bag or simply mixed into the pickle juice.

UPDATE: This is a photo of Madeline Roueche, daughter of Louise Roueche.  Louise and Alice Sternberg (Gram’s mother) were good friends,  and Madeline and Gram became good friends.  Madeline was a doctor, which in the 30s was uncommon. Madeline and Gram had the same taste in glasses.

6 thoughts on “Pickles (sweet)

  1. I think it is actually Roueche pronounced roo-she. Louise was one of my grandmother’s best friends. I believe her husband was a doctor – who died long before my time. Her daughter, Madeline, became a doctor too, and she was our pediatrician. Mad and Gram were the best of friends from high school on. She had her practice in the downstairs of their house.


    • I found this picture searching my relatives. Madeline (Mad to the “elders”, Aunt Maggie to the rest of us) was my great Aunt! I am named after her. She had Siamese cats…darn, I used to know the names. She never married because she would have been expected to quit her practice, which wasn’t going to happen. Yes, a pediatrician, Her father was a Dr. and I think her brother Neil was also. He died young, before my grandparents were married. Their brother Robert was my grandfather. I hope this will be seen, since the date of the original post was 4 years ago. (Sorry to jump in with this…this is exciting for me!)


      • Hi Madeline! I’m so glad you found this. We all knew of Mad even though we didn’t know her. Maybe my cousin could add more about her. She was my Gram’s best friend.


      • I’m glad someone saw this! I am technically Margaret, but go by Maggie. Anyone else’s insights would be wonderful! I didn’t know her well as we lived in different states, and she died when I was about 10. I know that my Mom and Aunt adored her.


  2. Actually the glasses were the style at that point in time. It sort of goes along with the flapper dresses, which were definitely not feminine.


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