Watermelon Pickles #1

Yes, we have more than one recipe for watermelon pickles. Today’s is from Auntie Fish or Tish. I have never had watermelon pickles, have you? When I turned the card over to see if there were more instructions I found another recipe for watermelon pickles, which I will post tomorrow.

Watermelon Pickles (Auntie Fish)

Peel one watermelon and cut rind in pieces

Put on to cook in boiling salted water until clear (keep cover on kettle)

Drain over night

Cook 8 c white sugar with 4 c vinegar (white), 4 tbsp whole cloves in a bag, 4 tbsp stick cinnamon

Boil syrup until it is a little thick (about 1/2 hour)

Put melon in, simmer about 20 min

3 thoughts on “Watermelon Pickles #1

  1. I’ve heard of watermelon pickles but didn’t know how they were made. Knowing how doesn’t make them sound tasty. Have to wait for watermelon season I guess.


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