Orange Muffins (H. Lamb)

Here we have a recipe from H. Lamb, whomever she may be. As I mentioned recently, I found a packet of recipes in a curio shop and they have been a great source of material for me! I don’t know who H. Lamb was, but her muffins sound good. Perhaps some of you who are … Continue reading

Beef Stroganoff

I’m sure you all have your holiday fruit cakes started, so we’ll take a dip into another comfort food from my childhood: beef stroganoff. I remember having this dish and my mother served it over noodles, although I liked my noodles plain and on the side. I also have a distinct memory of asking my … Continue reading

Whole Wheat Crackers

One of my favorite recipes is a cheese cracker that I have made from time to time. This one from the Bingham Collection is for a whole wheat cracker that probably shouldn’t be sullied by cheese or other decadent ingredients in them. Put the cheese on top of them! I might try these, although I … Continue reading

Sweetened Condensed Milk

If you find yourself in a bind, or the grocery is sold out of Eagle Brand, here is a recipe for sweetened condensed milk. I’ve not tried it, although it’s one of those “good to have in the back pocket” kind of recipes. Sweetened Condensed Milk (Bingham Collection) 1/2 c warm water 1 c 2 … Continue reading

Whole Wheat Muffins

Sorry that I’ve been a bit absent for a few days, I have had a lot going on at home. We had a water pipe break and that comes with all sorts of stress and drama. But, back to what makes us all happy – food, right? Whole wheat muffins are good for you and … Continue reading