Pork Chops Italiano

It isn’t often that you find a vintage recipe for one serving, but here we have it. The recipe can be doubled, quadrupled etc. to your needs. I just really find it interesting that it is only for one. Port Chops Italiano 1 tsp oil 1 pork chop 1″ thick 1 envelope instant tomato soup … Continue reading

Stuffed Shells

  Here’s another recipe for stuffed shells. It’s not terribly vintage because it uses name brand items, but the handwriting is appealing all the same. Recipes often times are written by train of thought and don’t always follow exact steps. This is one of those. After you stuff the shells but before you lay them … Continue reading

Stuffed Cabbage

Even though I occasionally like sauerkraut, and I use cabbage when I make my stir fry dishes, I am not a fan of cooked cabbage. They are a staple of Eastern European cooking and also appear in some Asian countries. Typically, the include a meat, spices, vegetables, and grains such as rice or barley. Depending … Continue reading

Marinaded Flank Steak

One of my family’s Christmas and special occasion traditions is a delicious flank steak for dinner, cooked rare on the barbeque. Now that my folks don’t have a barbeque any longer, I don’t know exactly how we are going to duplicate this dish. I suppose it could be done

Steak Paprika with Noodles

These two little slips of paper were in the same packet, but not together. I’m glad I figured out that they go together, because this could be a very nice dish. We looked at Chicken Paprika last July (and reader Cat made it one night!), but this is pretty different. Remember, good paprika burns twice, … Continue reading