Buckeye Balls

We’re going to take an exciting voyage for a while into the world of “someone else’s Gram’s” recipes, heh. My friend Pauline loaned me some recipe cards that were her grandmother’s, some of her mother’s and some of her own. She isn’t sure which came from where in most cases, so we will give these … Continue reading

Sand Tarts

Keeping with yesterdays geological theme, today we have sand. Tarts, that is. Sand Tarts. This is also one of my favorite recipe comments practicality. Gram says “use the old aluminum cup & fill to the brim.” Well, my mom revealed that the old aluminum cup had a dent in it, so it would never get … Continue reading


Here’s a little mystery recipe because I’m not really sure how these should be shaped or baked, but the title suggests small balls baked for a long time. Rocks doesn’t really sound like a yummy dessert. I’m wondering if these are more like the consistency of a pecan sandie. I wonder if my mother has … Continue reading

Pumkin’ Cookies

I wonder if this could be made as a scone as well as a cookie. I have no idea who Charlene was, maybe someone who came in to help Gram out in her later years, or maybe someone she knew from church. Pumkin’ – pumpkin of course – cookies look to be sweet, and of … Continue reading

Orange Cookies

I don’t recall ever having these, but they sound sweet and somehow refreshing, reminiscent of the lemonade cookies I posted the other day. In all my baking over the past few years, I have always trended toward chocolate or oatmeal treats, and hearing from my baking colleagues they seem to do the same. But, maybe … Continue reading