Here’s a little mystery recipe because I’m not really sure how these should be shaped or baked, but the title suggests small balls baked for a long time. Rocks doesn’t really sound like a yummy dessert. I’m wondering if these are more like the consistency of a pecan sandie. I wonder if my mother has … Continue reading

Pumkin’ Cookies

I wonder if this could be made as a scone as well as a cookie. I have no idea who Charlene was, maybe someone who came in to help Gram out in her later years, or maybe someone she knew from church. Pumkin’ – pumpkin of course – cookies look to be sweet, and of … Continue reading

Orange Cookies

I don’t recall ever having these, but they sound sweet and somehow refreshing, reminiscent of the lemonade cookies I posted the other day. In all my baking over the past few years, I have always trended toward chocolate or oatmeal treats, and hearing from my baking colleagues they seem to do the same. But, maybe … Continue reading

Molasses Crinkles

These cookies are a sweet and mellow alternative to chocolate. They are great for shipping overseas and if you bake them a bit under, they stay moist for a long time. The also hold up well in the freezer. Molasses crinkles are a family favorite of ours. Molasses Crinkles 3/4 c shortening 1 cup brown … Continue reading

Mince Meat Cookies

Mince meat pie is one of my favorites, although it’s not all that popular anymore, having been replaced at the holidays with pumpkin, sweet potato and pecan pies. I made a mince meat pie a few years ago and I think my dad and I were the only ones who had any. Although the name … Continue reading

Caramel Cookies

Some time back, I posted the recipe for Mrs. Owens’ Caramel Cookies. At the time, my friend Jodi thought they sounded great and made them for her family. They raved about them and I made a mental note to make them sooner than later. Fast forward and it’s the last night of my vacation visiting … Continue reading

Cinnamon Cookies

Back in the day when women prized their recipe collections, personalized recipe cards were quite popular. They were almost like a calling card. They announced who it was who “owned” the recipe and was sharing it, and said a little bit about the woman with a decoration in the corner. This card is from Diane … Continue reading