Pineapple Drop Cookies

I’m not sure if I like the idea of the pineapple drop cookie or not. It might be a sweet and moist treat, or it could be awful. The front side of the card appears to be the original recipe and the back side is 1 1/2 times the original.


This recipe is really similar to Rocks but with no milk. And the addition of cooking time and temp. * I have to tell you, I have been trying to post this for three days and various interruptions have just prevented it. Sorry for the lag in posting!

Frosted Chewies (Gramma A)

I’ve been baking for more Christmas gifts. SPOILER ALERT if you know of someone who likes cookies, has everything, and recently moved to an apartment, stop reading now if you don’t want to spoil the surprise! :-) So, I’ve been baking because I have one person on my list who is sometimes really easy to … Continue reading

Russian Teas (cookies)

Mmmm, I love these cookies! They are the type you find on a plate at the back of the table at a cocktail party, and the first cookies gone from that plate. They are popular at Christmas time because they look a bit like snowballs. The Russian Tea cookie (or cake) became popular in the … Continue reading

Retro Christmas Cookies, Betty Crocker Style

Here we have a page from a ring binder intended for Betty Crocker recipes, and clearly intended for practitioners of the home arts. These recipes and tips are for Wonderland Cookies, using Gold Medal flour, and include instructions on how to make 3D cookie tree ornaments. I have way too little time and patience to … Continue reading

Buckeye Balls

We’re going to take an exciting voyage for a while into the world of “someone else’s Gram’s” recipes, heh. My friend Pauline loaned me some recipe cards that were her grandmother’s, some of her mother’s and some of her own. She isn’t sure which came from where in most cases, so we will give these … Continue reading

Sand Tarts

Keeping with yesterdays geological theme, today we have sand. Tarts, that is. Sand Tarts. This is also one of my favorite recipe comments practicality. Gram says “use the old aluminum cup & fill to the brim.” Well, my mom revealed that the old aluminum cup had a dent in it, so it would never get … Continue reading