BBQ Chicken

This particular recipe card was wrapped in saran wrap, which leads me to believe it was a good one used over and over. The recipe is actually for a barbecue sauce for chicken that has been broiled or fried, and it sounds yummy. I usually make barbecued chicken on the grill, painting the sauce directly … Continue reading

Lilly’s Chicken

Whenever I see someone’s name attached to a recipe, like this one, I know that when this dish was made, someone was thinking fondly of the person who gave it to them. There is that social networking again. Lilly made this for friends one night, passed on the recipe, now I am sharing it with … Continue reading

Barbacue Chicken

This looks weird to me. I have never until today read a recipe that calls for sweet pickle juice. Now, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt, because it could be really tasty. Maybe. :-) For some reason I love that this is spelled incorrectly.