Swiss Vegetable Medly

The thing about this being *my* website is that I pontificate on my opinions about these recipes, all while sharing factual information, history of types of foods, and educating in a general sense, but if *you* have an opinion, I am entirely open to it! Feel free to comment on these recipes if they sound … Continue reading

Chicken & Broccoli

Let it be said, I am not a fan of broccoli. It has a weird smell to me that I don’t really love. But, if you mix it with other things, like cheese, it becomes all the more flavorful! Chicken & broccoli is a common combination that can be quite appetizing. The “Jiffy mix” referenced … Continue reading

Chicken Divan

  It’s time to start thinking about dinner, isn’t it? The Chicken Divan dish was popularized at the Divan Parisian Restaurant in New York’s Chatham Hotel. There is some disagreement about when exactly it was invented though. Some sources say the early 20th century, but others say 1950s. It was apparently invented by a chef … Continue reading

Brocoli Wiz (Mary C)

  Here’s a side dish called Brocoli [sic] Wiz. Cheese, broccoli, rice, all sound good together. Give it a shot some day! Broccoli Wiz (Mary C) Saute in 2 T butter: 1/2 c diced celery 1/2 c diced onion 1 10 oz package frozen broccoli 2 c cooked rice 1/2 of 8 oz cheese whiz … Continue reading

Pasta Salad

Although this isn’t one of Gram’s recipes, this is exactly the type of thing she would do – use a spare piece of paper instead of throwing it away. She was a frugal lady, much as this lady must have been. I sure hope the bank account was closed at some point! I love the … Continue reading