Turkey Asparagus Platter

Maybe this could be good, during a cocktail party, and with plenty of wine. I just don’t know on this one. Turkey Asparagus Platter – serves 3-4 1 5 oz turkey sliced 1 can cream of celery soup 1/4 c milk 1 pkg frozen asparagus (cooked) Mix fowl with soup & milk. Heat until mixture … Continue reading

Baked Hamburg & Rice

Here’s a funny little bit of history for you. Supposedly, in Hamburg Germany, ground round was being used to create a Hamburg Steak, or Hamburger Steak, a form of meat dish possibly originating as early as the 1860s. In America we often think of it as a Salisbury Steak, topped with mushroom gravy or other … Continue reading

Chili (New York Times)

  We love chili at my house. I bake a small cornbread while the chili is bubbling and serve together, sometimes with honey butter. Yum. There are many varieties of chili, spawning the infamous chili cookoffs around the country. We prefer our chili mild, and I myself despise kidney beans so I use black beans … Continue reading

Catherine Soup is good

I have been in a soup mood, so I decided tonight to make the Catherine Soup recipe which I posted just a few days ago. I ensured that I had all the ingredients and went to work. Since my onion was rather large and strong, I only used half. I diced it in small pieces, … Continue reading

Catherine Soup

I can’t find any historical references to Catherine Soup so this could very well be the soup devised by the home economics teacher. It sounds an awful lot like a homemade tomato soup or vegetable puree. This could be good as a winter lunch soup, as it sounds hearty and sustaining, while also warming the … Continue reading

Pea soup

I am reminded of the old rhyme “Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge in the pot nine days old!” I certainly hope this doesn’t last nine days, as it sounds quite good. We are big fans of pea soup in my house, so perhaps I will try this one. Pea Soup Put into … Continue reading

Oyster Soup

This recipe for oyster soup had me turning to the internet to research. Because this is at least 110 years old, some cooking terminology and ingredients have changed over the years. Right off the bat I must make it clear that the oysters are to be shelled prior to cooking. It might sound like common … Continue reading