Gravy Soup, not very gravy-like

Still being in my soup mood, I thought it would be nice to try Gravy Soup, which was posted a few recipes back. Considering the name, I thought this would be a thicker, gravy or stew like soup. With this in mind, I set out my ingredients. I hope you will forgive the image quality … Continue reading

Catherine Soup is good

I have been in a soup mood, so I decided tonight to make the Catherine Soup recipe which I posted just a few days ago. I ensured that I had all the ingredients and went to work. Since my onion was rather large and strong, I only used half. I diced it in small pieces, … Continue reading

Sweet as a peach

Quite a while ago I posted this recipe for Peach Tart Pie, which had been one of my Gram’s recipes. At the time I commented that it would probably be a dessert that looked impressive but would be very easy. Well, passing through the market the other day I saw peaches…you know what happened next, … Continue reading

Chocolate Walnut Dollars and delish!

The recipe I posted today was just too tempting, and since I have some time on my hands lately, I decided to try out the Chocolate Walnut Dollars. Okay, here we go! First I creamed the shortening and sugar, then added the egg and finally the rest of the ingredients. Before I added the nuts … Continue reading

So Easy to Make: Bread & Butter Pickles

After reading the recipe for bread & butter pickles recently, and then doing some research on making pickles, I decided I would try to make this recipe from the Farmer’s Record. I was inspired by seeing smallish cucumbers at the store that would make the perfect B&B slices. In my research on pickles I learned … Continue reading

We made the cheesy hamburgers

After having posted the recipe for Hamburgers in Cheese Sauce the other day, I decided what the heck, lets go ahead and try it! I used premade hamburger patties, so I could only fit six into a 9×14 pan. Each was topped with a slice of onion, salt & pepper, and we baked them as … Continue reading