Swiss Roll

This recipe is for a jelly roll. I have one from my grandmother with similar instructions but with the measurements, which is very helpful! Again, the kitchen Maggie Ritchey was cooking for must have been quite different from even mid 20th century kitchens because she used weights rather than volume measurements. I have read recently … Continue reading

Boiling of Green Vegetables

I never really thought I’d need instructions on how to boil green vegetables, and honestly I think it rather funny that Maggie’s example is a cauliflower – which is not green at all! However, her notes do say that these instructions apply to all green vegetables except spinach. I find the addition of washing soda … Continue reading

Cocoa-nut Ice Tablet

This recipe is for a coconut candy that appears to be quite easy. Of course, I have no idea what quantity of coconut you would need, but might it be fun to get a coconut and grate it just to find out? It’s a rather labor intensive process, even if it is pretty easy. I … Continue reading

Rabbit Pie

Sometimes when you try to describe how to do something, it just doesn’t translate well and the action must be seen to be understood. That is where I am with the description Maggie gives us of how to place the pie crust over this meat pie and further with the leaves. Hopefully it made sense … Continue reading

Rough Puff Pastry

I am not much with pie doughs, rolled cookies or anything that requires the right balance of flour to make it not too dry but just dry enough to roll. My doughs always wind up being too sticky or dry and then I lose patience. There are many puff pastry recipes out there, all of … Continue reading