Fried Fish

Item number 4 from Maggie Ritchie’s book is a recipe for Fried Fish. I can’t quite make out one of those first words, which is the name of a fish. If you have an idea, just make a comment. Fried Fish Take a plaice (?) or a haddock fillet it. Well wash it, dry it … Continue reading

Salmon Party Ball (Grammie Hennie)

Mrs. Marvel has asked me to “pitch hit” for a couple postings.  These are from my recipe collection, which are not on recipe cards, but from two printed cookbooks that I have accumulated over the years.  Of course, if I lose the printed copy, or it gets spilled on from too much use, I can … Continue reading

Smoked fish something

UPDATED TO ADD RECIPE SCAN My scanner isn’t cooperating, so I hope you’ll forgive the absence of a recipe card. This recipe was torn from a magazine and the name of it was torn off, so that all that’s left is “smoked.” There’s another word there but only the bottoms of the letters. :-) In … Continue reading