Cheese-y Party Recipes

We are back in business, folks! I thank you for your patience for the past year. Let me just say that when you endeavor to renovate your home, it will likely take much longer than you expect, and if you live in your home during the project, add another month or two. O.o Anyway, what … Continue reading

Turkey Asparagus Platter

Maybe this could be good, during a cocktail party, and with plenty of wine. I just don’t know on this one. Turkey Asparagus Platter – serves 3-4 1 5 oz turkey sliced 1 can cream of celery soup 1/4 c milk 1 pkg frozen asparagus (cooked) Mix fowl with soup & milk. Heat until mixture … Continue reading

The Very Merry Party Loaf!

I am 100% certain my mom made this for one or more of her cocktail parties and now I know where she got the recipe. Although it looks like a fancy cake, this is actually a sandwich of sorts. The bread was sliced horizontally and ham salad, cheese salad, and chicken salad spread in between … Continue reading

Ham balls with pineapple sauce

  Thanks to Carol Tucker on Bever Street, we have today’s recipe for Ham Balls with Pineapple Sauce. I don’t know where this combo originated, but the ham & pineapple thing is found everywhere from pizza parlors to cocktail parties. It’s not my favorite, but some people rave over it. To each their own. Who … Continue reading

Bloody Mary’s

  Many years ago, my mother would mix up a batch of Bloody Mary’s to take to Thanksgiving or Super Bowl with friends and family. She could make them the night before so they would be well mixed on the day of whatever party we were going to. Well, one time we went to Liz … Continue reading

Baked Brie

Our next recipe is from my files (GrammaA).  It is a relatively new version of an old recipe, but it is simple and the hit of the party and it has only two ingredients. Baked Brie Wrap firm brie (a wedge about 2 to 3 inches at the back) in refrigerated Crescent roll dough (about … Continue reading

Stuffed Mushrooms (Great Aunt Dottie)

This is a very old recipe, but still a good one.  It comes from Aunt Dottie who was my husband’s aunt on his father’s side and is Mrs. Marvel’s Great Aunt.  Aunt Dottie and family grew mushrooms, among other things, in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Dottie lived to be 99 years old and had a great collection … Continue reading