Chicken Cacciatore (Mary Lou Yanosik)

Chicken cacciatore is traditionally made with onions, herbs, tomatoes and wine. Many recipes include peppers and garlic, sometimes mushrooms. This particular recipe includes all of the above. The style is called “hunter style” I can only assume because hunters would have these types of herbs and spices somewhat available to them. Furthermore, there is a … Continue reading

BBQ Chicken

This particular recipe card was wrapped in saran wrap, which leads me to believe it was a good one used over and over. The recipe is actually for a barbecue sauce for chicken that has been broiled or fried, and it sounds yummy. I usually make barbecued chicken on the grill, painting the sauce directly … Continue reading

Col. Sander’s Fried Chicken

  Have you seen the new KFC commercials with the creepy “Colonel Sanders” guy? I don’t know what they were thinking. The recipe with eleven herbs and spices is a closely guarded secret, much like the Coca Cola recipe, but there are many copies and similar versions available on the internet. This one uses milk … Continue reading

Chicken & Rice

On days when I am feeling uninspired to cook, I make what I call “Chicken Something,” which consists of chicken, cooked in some fashion, usually with rice, and boring, boring, boring. This recipe for Chicken & Rice could be the recipe for my Chicken Something dish. Bland and blah. Chicken & Rice 1 can cream … Continue reading

Chicken Kiev

A fine article on the NPR website educated me on the origins of Chicken Kiev…not from Kiev, not made with garlic. Apparently this rather time consuming chicken cutlet originated in the culinary schools of Paris during the 19th century and was made with veal rather than chicken. When the Russian based students took the dish … Continue reading