Raisin Nut Filling

Here we have a second nut filling, this time with raisins. This sounds like you might want to put it in a sweet roll, like a cinnamon nut roll or something like that. Yum. Raisin Nut Filling 1 c chopped walnuts 1/2 c chopped raisins 1/3 c firm packed brown sugar 1 egg 3 T … Continue reading

Nut filling

Many of these recipes seem to work with others in the collection, such as this one for nut filling. It could go well with Verne’s Basic Dough, Poppy Seed Rolls, or any of the kolacky recipes. Nut Filling 1 lb walnuts (ground) 2 egg whites ( beaten with fork) 1 c sugar 2 T honey … Continue reading

Verne’s Cottage Cheese Filling

I teased you recently about a filling for Verne’s Basic Dough and here it is. This filling contains a neutral flavored cheese, sweetened and then with coconut and raisins. To me, that does not sound like something I want to eat, but that’s probably because I don’t like coconut. You could probably omit that easily. … Continue reading

Mary Barns’s Koolich

This recipe was obviously used, which could mean this is a keeper. The recipe calls for “cans” prepared with grease. In my reading, I learned that these are sometimes baked in empty coffee or 16 oz cans with the tops and bottoms removed. The bread will rise out of the top and they remind me … Continue reading


  The original owner of these recipes had many duplicates with slight variations. I have noticed that she left a lot to her own knowledge, and in this instance has failed to note how much sugar and shortening to use. Uh oh. This also is the first time I have heard of any baked good … Continue reading