More from Irene B: Methods of Cooking

Irene Bartz Methods of Cooking p1

Tattered page from Irene B’s Girl’s Trade School notebook

For part one, menus, you can click here and here. Some of this seems so simple when you have been reading recipes your entire life, cooking or watching cooking shows, but for a girl in a trade school, this might not have been elementary. The worst assumption a teacher can make is that her students know what she is talking about. Especially with food, you do not want to add a T of salt when a t is called for!

II. Methods of Cooking

1. Broiling = cooking over a glowing fire

2. Roasting = ” before a glowing fire

3. Baking = ” by means of heated air

4. Boiling = ” for a long time in water

5. Stewing = ” for a long time in water below boiling point

6. Steaming = [a] moist steaming = cooking in a steamer by direct contact with the steam [b] dry steaming = cooking in a double boiler

7. Frying = cooking in hot fat deep enough to cover article to be cooked

8. Sauteing = cooking in a small amount of fat

9. Braising = stewing & baking

10. Fricaseeing = sauteing & serving with a sauce

III. Table of Abbreviations

Tbsp = Tablespoon

tsp = teaspoon

C. = cup

spk = speck

qt = quart

pt = pint

lb = pound

oz = ounce

cu = cube

IV. Table of Measuring

3 tsp is equal to Tbsp

Something lost to the ages…

Irene Bartz Methods of cooking bw hygene of food

16 tbsp is equal to 1 cup

2 cup is equal to 1 pt

4 cup is equal to 1 qt

1 square chocolate = 1 oz


In order to have good results in cooking and exact measurements are necessary.

A spoonful of anything is a level spoonful. Half a spoonful is a spoonful divided lengthways. Dry materials like flour meal and so on must be sifted before measuring.

Hygiene of Foods

Cleanliness is the most important consideration in cooking food. Materials made by means of transmitting a disease. Clean house clean clothing, clean bodies and clean food are the most important. The person who prepares the food should wear clean clothes simple in style and which can easily be laundered.

The body should be kept clean. …hair neatly combed, specified attention given to the hair, the fingers nails being free from dirt. Goods should not be exposed to dust in the home or in the market.

This section continues on for a bit and then goes into care of the refrigerator. In the interest of time, I will save that for the next post.

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