As teased recently, I am working on scanning a handwritten book from a girl’s trade school class, dated May 1921. The girl’s name was Irene B. and she had beautiful penmanship.

We don’t put much thought into menus these days, do we? It seems like the only people who really consider what foods go together nicely are master chefs and Martha Stewart, but really this is a lost art. Foods that blend nicely on the palette help create not only an enjoyable eating experience but also a satisfying meal with others. Today we throw together meals with what we like or what is available, but personally I know I could spend more time thinking about how the foods mesh. So, take a look at what Irene was learning in 1921 concerning menus. Click on the image for a larger view. I can only hope we get some of the recipes later in the book!

Menus, May 1921

Menus, May 1921

A menu is a suitable combination of dishes to be served at any meal showing the order in which they are to be served.

Menu May 12, 1921

Cream of spinach soup

Cheese Fondu – B..?

Prune Pudding with cream


Menu May 19, 1921

Corn soup

Boiled tongue, Hot potato salad

Baking powder biscuits

Scalloped rhubarb creamy sauce


Menu May 24, 1921

Cream of asparagus soup

Combination cheese salad

Swedish tea rolls

Strawberry ice cream & tea

Menu May 25, 1921

Cream of tomato soup

Spinach in a crown of eggs

Corn rolls

Cottage pudding with hot chocolate sauce


Menu May 26, 1921

Cream of lima bean soup

Hot ham sandwiches

Head lettuce salad

3 thoughts on “Menus

  1. I think it’s an interesting menu. I’m not sure it’s interesting good, or just interesting interesting – it seems to be pretty easy on the teeth, lol.

    What an awesome idea – reading through menus really gives you a slice of life in the day.


  2. I will tell you this much, tomato basil bisque with a slice of asparagus quiche with a small spring mix salad with fresh sweet grape tomatoes in a light toss of bacon grease vinaigrette with a small slice of baguette served with iced tea or a raspberry spritzer is my favorite favorite lunch. The most important part is mastering each one of the menu items.


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