Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Hi everyone! Today is Thanksgiving here in America, and I am planning some delicious and traditional dishes for our dinner later on today. Here’s our menu: Roasted Butterball turkey Green Bean Casserole Stuffing Mashed potatoes Biscuits Cranberry sauce – two kinds Gravy Wine Sparkling cider I chose a Butterball turkey because I have always had … Continue reading

Late for Lincon’s Luncheon

It always seems like when I plan ahead something comes up and I fall behind again! Here is the menu from Irene B. that I had planned to post for Lincoln’s Birthday, just a week late. I would imagine this to have been a more festive menu that the previous page of menus, of which … Continue reading


As teased recently, I am working on scanning a handwritten book from a girl’s trade school class, dated May 1921. The girl’s name was Irene B. and she had beautiful penmanship. We don’t put much thought into menus these days, do we? It seems like the only people who really consider what foods go together … Continue reading