Hot Chocolate Mix (Cathy Spurlock)

The cold is finally here in California and this looks like a nice hot chocolate mix. You could make this up and put it in little jars topped with a cute cloth as a Christmas gift or hostess gift for a holiday party you might attend. It is also the kind of thing you could easily make for a teacher or school friend if you have young children. Kids could help too since this appears to be the dry mix only. You could make variations by using flavored non dairy creamer.

Hot Chocolate Mix (Cathy Spurlock)

1 (2 lb) box Nestle Quik

1 (11 oz) jar Coffee-mate (dry non dairy creamer)

1 (1 lb) box powdered sugar

1 (8 qt) box powdered milk

Mix all ingredients together and sift. Store in jars. Fill each cup with 3 tablespoons of mix and then finish filling with hot water.

2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Mix (Cathy Spurlock)

  1. I was actually going to do a hot chocolate mix for teachers last year, but we opted for homemade caramel popcorn instead. This recipe looks much less expensive to make than others I’ve seen (which is why I didn’t do it last year!).


    • I’m thinking of doing this with the Girl Scouts this year as a little “take home” that they do at their last meeting. Seems like it would be easy to mix it up in a big bowl and then scoop out what you need into the jars.


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