Bloody Mary’s


Many years ago, my mother would mix up a batch of Bloody Mary’s to take to Thanksgiving or Super Bowl with friends and family. She could make them the night before so they would be well mixed on the day of whatever party we were going to. Well, one time we went to Liz & Larry’s (indirect family) for Thanksgiving and Mom had made a batch of Mary’s. Her recipe included everything, including the vodka. After a while, she realized that Larry was mixing the drinks and adding a shot of vodka to each glass! Needless to say, the adults had a smashing good time that year!

This recipe calls for Clamato or hot V-8, but I prefer regular tomato juice myself. Mix this up and pour into a 2 liter bottle or pitcher, then refrigerate overnight. In the next week or so I will put up my grandmother’s recipe which led to the Thanksgiving double shots above.

Bloody Mary’s

Jar of Clamato

1 cup vodka

Dash hot sauce to taste

3 Tbl Old Bay

Dash Worcestershire sauce


1/2 lemon

1/4 lime

Hot V-8 juice instead of Clamato

One thought on “Bloody Mary’s

  1. What a blessing to have stumbled across this!! I love to cook and most of these remind me of my dear Mom’s old cooking style. I love reading the ingredients, many of which today’s young ladies would NEVER dream of cooking with. I did ( still do) and I’m still around at almost 62 so SOMETHING had to be right! Maybe it was the love that was baked right in in the “Good ‘ol Days”. Thanks for sharing!


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