Patato Pancakes

Maybe it’s just the sloppy handwriting, but I always love it when recipe names are somewhat vernacular and homely, as this one appears. Patato Pancakes, heh. My mother made potato pancakes a couple times when we were kids, from mashed potatoes and we topped them with applesauce (a more German way to eat them). Depending on what part of the world you come from, your potato pancakes could be drastically different! Predominately found in the Eastern European countries and into Russia, potato pancakes are a frequent side dish, though sometimes they are the main dish. They are the national food of Belarus, and in many countries can be found being sold by street vendors much as we find churros here in America. It also must be noted that the Jewish latke is a Hanukkah tradition, though latkes can be made with other vegetables and legumes instead of potatoes.

They almost always made with shredded potato and onion, fried in oil and topped with something – sweet like applesauce and cinnamon or savory like sour cream. Whether you call them deruny, levivot, Reibekuchen or Kartoffelpuffer, potato pancakes are a tasty accompaniment to goulash, sausage and sauerkraut, or applesauce and cinnamon.

Patato Pancakes

3 patatoes


flour – about 1 cup


baking powder

One thought on “Patato Pancakes

  1. I used to shred the potatoes, then after having “Patato” pancaked at a friend’s house where she put it all in the blender, then I did the same thing (and added the onion too!). I guess I’ll have to make them again – they sure sound good!


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