The Dilettante’s Table

My friend Sarah is known among her friends and family as somewhat of a gourmand. When she was growing up, her mother had a test kitchen for the Amana microwave, and so there has always been a focus on food in her family. Some of my favorite birthday meals have been prepared by her, especially my 30th, when she made dinner for 20 of my closest friends and family, including homemade tomato pesto soup from tomatoes she grew and some sort of chicken which I now cannot remember. Too much wine that night and too much time since that night. It is Sarah who introduced me to the joys of pate and stinky cheese, among many other foods to grace my palette over the years.

Anyway, Sarah has started up her own foodie blog, The Dilettante’s Table. She posts about recipes, the meals, and the family and friends who join her to enjoy her culinary offerings. Sarah’s food is sometimes adventurous, sometimes traditional, frequently health-conscious, and always good. She likes organics but won’t turn her nose up at the mundane. I hope you will click over and see what she has on the stove.

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