Maple Tapioca

All the tapioca pudding I’ve ever tasted was gluey and pretty disgusting. I suspect it was not good quality, but all it takes is one bad experience to turn you off something, right? I don’t know if I’ll ever make this maple tapioca pudding, but maybe one of you will. If you do, let us all know how it turns out, please!

Maple Tapioca

2 c milk

1/3 c minute tapioca


Boil for 15 minutes stirring constantly


1 c maple syrup

Beaten yolk of one egg

Keep hot and stir until thick. Cool a little and fold in beaten white of one egg. Add 1/3 c broken walnut meats. Serve with whipped cream, walnut half on top.

4 thoughts on “Maple Tapioca

  1. We cook topioca pudding differently in Thailand, but this recipe really interest me. I love maple syrup. I’ve never thought these 2 ingredients could be really good together.


  2. I’m going to agree with Tes that I would not have thought about putting maple with tapioca, but this is probably pretty good. Warm tapioca is good, but I’ve had enough of the gooey gummy stuff that my initial reaction to all tapioca is, no thank you. I’m guessing the walnuts add a nice counterpoint to the creamy texture of the tapioca and compliment the maple flavor very nicely.

    I actually really like how the recipe specifies “walnut MEATS”. Really? I almost threw in a handful of the shells. Thanks for clarifying that or it would’ve been really crunchy!


  3. Tes, I’m curious how you cook tapioca pudding in Thailand. Could you tell us?

    Diane, I know, who would have thought to put in the shells? :-)


  4. I am not fond of tapioca was never all that good looking to me. It was a thickner back in it’s day and used in many recipes, wasn’t it? I am sure my children have never heard of it:)


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