Salad (Nancy B)

Here is Nancy B’s salad. It is another of the Jello-and-other-stuff variety. I’m not quite sure about the Jello and macaroni portion of this. Could it be a macaroni ring that you put the other salad ingredients inside of? There are many things about this that don’t sound good to me.

Lime Jello Salad

Here’s another Jello salad monstrosity. I’m sorry, but it just sounds horrible. It’s the marshmallows. My mom makes a version of this without the marshmallows and cream, just lime Jello and cottage cheese.

Cardinal Salad

Okay, this whole Jello-salad thing from back in the day is just not my thing. I tend to associate Jello with sweet dishes, like Jello and fruit salad, or even Jello and cottage cheese. This recipe for Cardinal Salad is probably bright red as it uses both beet juice and diced beets. It’s unknown if … Continue reading