Maryland Cream Waffles

So this recipe for Maryland Cream Waffles dates back to at least the 1940s, possibly earlier. All the reviews I have read about them indicate they are to die for and are far superior to other waffle recipes. I like to eat waffles but I am pretty bad at making them. I always seem to … Continue reading

Sour Milk Waffles

Hopefully you didn’t get a carb overload from yesterday’s waffles because we are back for Sunday brunch with Sour Milk Waffles. I don’t know how to make sour milk and I certainly don’t want to come about it the natural way, ick. We probably won’t make these at my house. Sour Milk Waffles 2 cups … Continue reading


For your Saturday morning enjoyment, here is a nice recipe for waffles. It looks like Gram decided that 2 large tbsp of baking powder would not be right, but according to my measurements chart, 6 tsp is equal to 2 tbsp. Perhaps by limiting the measure to teaspoons, she eliminated the “large” part of the … Continue reading